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skir Hand sanitizer

What is Skir Spray? We pride ourselves on our high-quality ingredients that are used to make our hand sanitizer. We use only laboratory grade Isopropyl alcohol which doesn’t give you that “moonshine” smell that you get with ethanol-based sanitizers. Our products are also perfume and dye-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SkirSpray Answers

How much percentage of Alcohol is Skir Hand Sanitizer?

All of our products are made with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

What type of Alcohol is used in Skir Hand Sanitizer?

All of our products use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol

Will your product ever be recalled like other hand sanitizers?

Unlike most hand sanitizer manufacturers, we use Isopropyl Alcohol, whereas the banned products use the incorrect grade of Ethanol Alcohol.

Will it dry out my hands?

Our unique formula for Skir Hand Sanitizer utilizes humectants to ensure hands do not dry out and stay moisturised.

Does your hand sanitizer expire?

Because we use Isopropyl Alcohol, our product does not expire like some Ethanol based products.

Are you Health Canada Approved?

We are Health Canada Approved. Our NPN (Natural Product Number) is 80099994. This number is on all of our labels. To ensure a product is approved you can search NPN’s on Health Canada’s Website HERE.

Does your hand sanitizer smell like moonshine/hard liquor?

No. Ethanol based hand sanitizers commonly smell like moonshine. We only use Isopropyl Alcohol in Skir Hand Sanitizer.

Customer Reviews


An excellent product and many size options to suit everyone’s needs. Highly recommended


Excellent hand sanitizer. Goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel weird like some others do. Great products, great packaging. Their hand sanitizer pens are wonderful – perfect for office work or the kids with school starting again soon.


Excellent product with convenient packaging for many scenarios. Staff is extremely helpful, responsive, and always professional.


SKiR products work well and the team is very responsive and accommodating to satisfy whatever your sanitizing needs might be, which is a great relief during this pandemic. I highly recommend SKiR!

Commercial Products

New Wall Hand Sanitizer!

We are excited to provide our all new commercial hand sanitizer wall unit for your local business, church or school spaces. This refillable wall unit will have your patrons and students feeling safe and smelling good! No bad alcohol smells here.

Locally Owned & Operated

You can be a proud Newfoundlander when using Skir Spray products!