Now that the world is opening up, you may be tempted to go out to the shops. After all, the holidays are just around the corner and you may want to start your Christmas shopping soon!

Although the danger of COVID has reduced, you still need to be careful. The more you interact with other people, the higher the risk that you could catch COVID, or pass it to another person.

Here are our five top tips for staying safe when you are doing your shopping.

1. Shop from home if you can

If you can, online shopping from the comfort of your own home is a much safer option. Most local shops now offer online shopping services and will be able to deliver to your door.

As an alternative, see if your shop offers a ‘click and collect service’. This is where you order online and then visit the store to pick up your shopping. This will lessen your risk of contact with others.

2. Keep your distance (and wear a mask)

Keep a two-metre distance from people not in your household where you can. This is the equivalent of three steps.

If you are in a busy place and can’t socially distance from people, wear a mask or face-covering. The Canadian Government website has instructions on how you can make your own from an old t-shirt or bandana.

Check the rules on face coverings before you leave home. Some jurisdictions have made the wearing of masks in public spaces compulsory.

3. Go shopping out of hours

Going shopping off-peak will mean there are fewer people, reducing the risk of infection.

For example, look at doing your grocery shopping before you go to work, or in the evening before the store closes.

Some stores offer special shopping hours for people more at risk, for example, older people. If you call up your local store, they will be more than happy to answer your questions.

4. Pay by card where you can

Try and avoid using cash to pay for products and services, as there is a higher risk of it carrying germs. Fewer people are now using ATMs, with transactions plummeting by up to 60%.

Use contactless payment where you can. If you have to handle cash or use a card keypad, use hand sanitizer afterward.

5. Keep a supply of hand sanitiser with you

Did you know the COVID-19 virus can stay on cardboard for up to 24 hours and up to three days on plastic and stainless steel? Keeping your hands clean while you are out and about is one of the most effective ways of reducing the virus.

Keep a bottle of hand sanitiser in your bag or pocket when you are out so you can clean your hands if you touch a trolley or countertop. Make sure any hand sanitiser you use contains over 60% alcohol.

We offer a wide range of pocket hand sanitizer sprays, including a lightweight credit-card-sized spray and an innovative spray in a pen so you can write out your shopping list and still stay protected!