If you are looking to reopen your business following the Covid-19 pandemic, you need to take steps to keep your staff and customers safe.

An outbreak of Covid-19 in your workplace could put several of your staff out of action and potentially force your business to close temporarily.

Here are five of our tips to keep your workplace safe and your staff and customers happy and healthy, from hand sanitiser through to one-way systems.


1. Keep clean

You will need to clean your building more than ever. The Covid-19 virus can stay on cardboard for up to 24 hours and up to three days on plastic and stainless steel.

The risk is higher on surfaces that are frequently touched or items that are handled by multiple people, like door handles and surface counters.

Ask staff to avoid touching things unless they have to, and have antibacterial spray and wipes on hand so they can clean up after themselves if they need to.


2. Let staff work from home if they can

If staff can carry out their role from home, then it may be a good idea to let them do so. This is especially important if they are ‘high risk’, for example, if they are older, pregnant or have a condition that compromises their immune system.

Don’t forget that if staff or customers are showing signs of Covid-19 like a cough or fever, they need to stay home.


3. Space out your staff

At the time of publication, the Canadian Government recommends that you keep a distance of two arms lengths from other people, approximately two metres. This means you need to implement social distancing measures to ensure both staff and customers are protected.

Put tape down so people know where to stand if they need to queue, and space desks out so staff are safely distanced from one another.


4. Make it easier to get around the office

Before your staff come into the office for the first time, carry out an assessment to see how you can make it easier for them to get around the office without bumping into one another.

For example, can you organise a one-way system around the office if there are narrow corridors? Can you stagger lunch breaks so not everyone is using the canteen at the same time? Can you let staff enter and exit the building through another door so there is no congestion at home time?


5. Provide hand sanitiser

Keeping your hands clean is one of the most effective ways of reducing the spread of Covid-19, as 80% of infections are transmitted by hands. If staff cannot wash their hands, a supply of hand sanitiser will help keep your team protected.

Make it as easier as possible for staff and customers to keep their hands clean by placing hand sanitiser dispensers across your building, especially in communal areas.

Please note that this guidance is specific to Canadian businesses. If your business is based in another country, we would recommend taking advice from your country’s health & safety department.